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Copa America 2021: Preview

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Euro 2020 has been very exciting so far, but Copa America 2021 still deserves its due and the matches have been just as riveting. The first set of group stage matches are already behind us, but before these teams take the pitch again, let’s look at some of the top contenders:

Brazil (-125 to win)

After a series of issues related to the pandemic, Brazil will benefit from being selected as the new host of the Copa America 2021. Even if they weren’t, this talented side would be favored to win behind their plethora of talent all over the pitch. It should be no surprise, that we like Brazil to win this competition. Oddsmakers reflect a similar sentiment.

Argentina (+350 to win)

Since their loss to Brazil in the 2019 Copa America semi-finals, Argentina has gone unbeaten in international competition, including friendlies. Now, behind Lionel Messi, they look to win their first Copa America in the 21st century. Argentina has no shortage of attacking options. The real question is whether their defense can hold off their opposition’s elite scorers.

Uruguay (+700 to win)

Uruguay have failed to score a single goal in their last three international matches, but it is not due to a lack of scoring options. This team is talented all over the pitch and have an elite pair of strikers in Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani. Much is expected from this veteran squad.

Colombia (+1100 to win)

Columbia, who will be forced to play without James Rodriguez. It will be a tall task for their new manager, Reinaldo Rueda, who will need to find a new goal scorer and set piece taker to lead the team on the pitch.

Chile (+1600 to win)

In 2021, Chile is unbeaten in international competition, despite conceding a goal in each of their matches (4). Chile will play this tournament without the veteran presence of Alexis Sanches and will look to their youth to compete. Maybe building some experience for the future will be best approach for this side.

Paraguay (+3300 to win)

Paraguay is known for their defensive style of play, but if this team wants to find success in the tournament, they will need to be more aggressive and open on attack. A big match against Argentina awaits them.

Ecuador (+5000 to win)

Defeats in each of their last three matches can be chalked up partially to misfortune, but at some point this team needs to admit their weaknesses and find a way to improve on them. Ecuador plays Venezuela next in what looks to be a must win match.

Peru (+5000 to win)

Peru is another team who look to their younger players to compete in this tournament. An opening match against Brazil will be a tall task.

Other long-shots: Venezuela (+25000 to win); Bolivia (+50000 to win)

*For our full set of picks for this competition, check out our Game Picks section!

**Odds accurate at time of posting

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