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NBA Top Shot: Major Announcements March 2022

After some big news this week, the NBA Top Shot market is trending up! Here is a quick look at what we can look forward to:

Common Limit: The supply of Common Moments will be limited. For the remainder of the series, no Common Moment will exceed a mint count of 30k. All existing 60k+ Commons will be made Limited Edition, effective immediately. Obviously, this rebalancing of supply and demand should have a positive impact on market prices.

More Focus on Collector Score: Guaranteed rarity packs are back but will be harder to get! Moving forward, we will see these drops limited to those with the pre-requisite Collector Score and/or net market expenditure. This is great news for the market because it will incentivize buying and even holding on to higher-value Moments.

New Packs: Previously, we had $9 packs with zero chance of packing Rare or Legendary Moments. Now, there will be new $9 packs that offer percentages that will be released before they are dropped. Not a bad deal, if you ask us.

Crafting Challenges: We have been told that the name is subject to change, but what we do know is that a new type of challenge will be added to the platform where users are able to permanently lock certain Moments into their collection in exchange for “ultra-limited rewards”. Not only will these rewards likely hold high value, but we will see some of the more desirable Moments rise in value as they become rarer on the market.

Real-World Events: Dapper and NBA Top Shot have also announced several real-world publicity events including NBA player AMA’s, NBA Playoff Tickets as prizes, and an NBA Top Shot convention.

Want to see the Moments we are currently holding? Check out our entire collection here:

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