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NBA Top Shot: Moment Ranks Play

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

We have been excited about NBA Top Shot and have been purchasing moments for about three months now. That does not make us an expert in this area, but it is still a very new product and, now, we have a utility for these moments beyond just collecting and caters to our passion for fantasy sports. It is hard to call ourselves “FTO” without putting ourselves out there to compete in every fantasy sport possible. So here we are! After a week of research, we wanted to write out for you some of the things we have learned about his awesome new utility function created by Moment Ranks.

This is not an ad, we are not affiliated with NBA Top Shot or Moment Ranks, we are just passionate NBA fans and fantasy sports players. With that said, let’s get to it:

Moment Ranks Scoring

Every moment/player is scored based on two factors: Base Score and Moment Boost.

Base Score is similar to what you expect from fantasy scoring. Moment Ranks scores as follows: Points = 1; Rebounds = 1; Assists = 1.5; Steals = 2; Blocks = 2.

Moment Boosts are added to the Base Score and are based on whether a moment/player is outperforming their ten day average in that particular category. Moment Boosts are awarded for every stat in certain categories that are accumulated over the ten-day average as follows: Points = 0.5; Assists = 5; 3-pointers = 7 Steals = 12; Blocks = 16. Moreover, if a player hits a boost, they automatically receive a floor score based on the rarity of the moment as follows: Common = 5; Rare = 8; Legendary = 12.

Current Game Types

Currently, there are two different ways to use your moments/players in competition: Head-to-Head and Guaranteed Prize Pool.

Head-to-Head games are exactly how they sound and common in the daily fantasy sports world. On Moment Ranks you can play both private and public contests, but only the public head-to-head contests go towards the leaderboard standings.

Moment Ranks also offers a Daily Contest in the form of a Guaranteed Prize Pool. This is a very large tournament that pays out to the top five finishers in the form of NBA Top Shot packs or individual moments.


Moment Ranks strategy is very similar to the strategy we use every day in our other daily. MOm fantasy contests. Moment Ranks Play is a unique derivative of the game we all love to play. They are still very new and we expect many new exciting changes between now and next NBA season.

Good luck, have fun, and if you have any other questions please reach out either in the comments or on any of our social media accounts!

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