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Sorare: $600 Threshold Team 2022

We have been playing Sorare for a little over a year and one of the most comment questions that we hear revolves around the cost of entry. While true, that the top cards on the platform sell for 6-figure price tags, it is not hard to build a team that will win rewards on a weekly basis.

In Sorare’s Global All-Stare Rare division, any user can win real ETH prizes simply for reaching a scoring threshold. The first threshold, which rewards .01 ETH, requires a score of 205 points. If your team exceeds 250 points, you will receive a .02 ETH reward (approximately $60 at the time of writing this). We will get into how SO5 scoring works on Sorare, but the important point to take away from here is that you do not need to beat other users to be a profitable Sorare player.

This is where we get to the most common question from those not sure whether to join the platform. In this post, I hope to help you build your first “threshold team” that can have you winning real prizes on a weekly basis. Of course, nothing here is a guarantee nor is it financial advice. Players can get injured or transfer and it is always important to do your own research. Hopefully, we are able to give you some ideas about the type of players to look at or even some good starter players for you to consider.

In a recent YouTube video (link below), we constructed a competitive team that can reach the threshold prizes and can be had for about .235 ETH, which translates to about $600. Here is how it looks:

FWD- Russell Teibert (.085)

MID- Dax McCarty (.035)

DEF- Adam Lundkvist (.045)

GK- USE COMMON (free); The cost of a GK is way too expensive for this budget team.

We recommend using a free common card and move on. You are allowed to use one

common card in this competition.

EXTRA- Matias Vera (.07)

You can check out our Sorare YouTube content here:

Also, if you use our referral link below, and purchase 5 cards at auction, we will both receive a FREE CARD which can be sold! Please do not make the mistake I did by signing up without a referral, this cannot be corrected, and you will miss out:

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