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NHL Hart Trophy 2021

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Since 1926, the Hart Trophy has been awarded to the NHL’s most valuable player. With this season set to end, we wanted to break down the top contenders and their betting odds:

C. McDavid (-1500)

As we write this, Connor McDavis is only 4 points short of 100 on the season with 4 games left to play. It would be only the 110th time in league history that a player scored 100 points. It would be McDavid’s fourth time. Even, if he falls just short of 100, no other player is close to McDavid’s offensive output this season.

A. Matthews (+950)

If not McDavid, then you would have to like Austin Matthews as the next favorite to win the Hart Trophy. Although he currently “only” has 63 points on the season, he currently leads the league in goals scored with 39 to his name.

S. Crosby (+1100)

Deciding the third finalist spot will be a difficult task this season. Why not Sid? He currently has 63 points on the season and has carried this banged up Penguins team for most of the season. If Pittsburgh is able to win the East, Crosby may find himself among the finalists.

P. Kane (+1500)

Patrick Kane had a very strong February, with 24 points, but has since cooled off a bit. It would be a surprise to see him as a finalist, especially given the state of the Blackhawks.

N. MacKinnon (+4800)

Nathan MacKinnon has 65 points on the season, which is 2 more than Matthews, but we do not think he is a true contender this season. There is no denying MacKinnon’s offensive abilities, but a number of players had better seasons. His WAR of 2.6 currently ranks him 6th in the NHL.

*Odds accurate at start of May

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